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PHONE CASING [Pre-Order 1st Batch start from 11 -23 NOVEMBER 2012!]You are available to make an order start from that date and make the payment before the pre-order date closed.We are glad for the serious buyer and our payment method is by COD (cash on delivery) or bank in to our account. Most thankful for your support :)

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 Cath Kidston

The Cath Kidston born in British aristocratic family, after graduating from high school into the culture peeress famous West Heath School, Princess Diana term sister school. The 19-year-old banker father died of illness, economic trouble. Later, she decided to enroll in art school, and eventually drop out because of economic reasons. In order to maintain life, she had no choice but to shop salesman.
  Monasteries grew up in an aristocratic environment makes her innate perception of home furnishing, and later her for several antique textiles businessman working for several years to learn the process, production and market, opened a curtain shop with friends.
  1992 Cath finally opened the first store in Notting Hill. The name of the vintage style banner, added a small floral design of dots, idyllically pastoral casual style. These patterns beyond age and generational boundaries, neither the popular thing, and the expiration of the period, each designed and attractive. Her brand began in 2003 by the household to enter other industries. Now, it is almost a household brand her design incorporates inherent Casual retro-style and modern style, classical style never freshness suddenly shocked women around the world.
  Its rural pastoral style of the British brand, the Keith Jindesidun (Cath Kidston), to produce a variety of flowers, stars and other drawings dresses, skirts, daily-use bags, accessories, handbags, umbrellas, home accessories, etc.. In the UK has been well received by the female customer's favorite super-fantastic, warm style, you can resist this?




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